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You Know You're a Hardcore Gamer When…

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    You need to play another game to unwind from the first game!

    Life is Feudal is by far my favorite game at the moment. I loved it over a year ago when I first played, and I love it now. The community we have on Albion makes it even better!

    There are times though, when staring at that mountain you need to terraform, that you just need a breather. All too often, this means players will “take a break” but never return. We hate to see that happen in Albion!

    Just Great Gaming, and the Albion server, encourage people to make friends in the games and explore the gaming universe TOGETHER. If you really enjoy playing with someone in Albion, see if they would like to play other games with you!

    Currently a nice group of players have been enjoying a little “LiF downtime” with Age of Empires II. We’re also talking about getting together a Diablo III team (or 2 or 3!) If you really like a game, see who might want to join!

    We invite you to use the Discord channel “Other Games” to play these games with your friends. If you would like to run a regular gaming session, please just leave a note here in the “Other Games” forum. If the Discord channel gets too crowded with multiple games, leave us a note and we’ll add more channels.

    We also invite you to use the “Other Games” forum to find players to join you in other games as well as to touch base.

    If you want to host a server in another game, please send us a message using the “Contact Us” tab. We would love to have more games with more servers that we can trust! Nothing is more frustrating that joining a new game only to find fickle admins or the server go down just as it was getting good.

    Our ultimate goal is to build up a community of gamers who enjoy each other’s company and make a real presence known across the gameverse! You may not stay in LiF: Albion forever, but we would love if you stayed with Just Great Gaming. As you explore the games out there, the JGG website can expand to cover new interests and continue to provide a platform for you to find players and servers you know from experience you can enjoy!

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