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Marshall Aisling Ashby

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    Erabor Magnahart


    To help with management of the server, Aisling Ashby has been promoted to Marshall on this day 2nd June 1028.

    Please do work with Aisling to help maintain our atmosphere and report any issues in the first instance to her either on here or in-game.

    We all wish Aisling well in her new responsibilities.




    Thank you Erabor, for the trust you’ve put in me.

    I’d also like to extend a thank you to all the people who supported me and confided their problems to me prior to this. It’s never easy to decide who to let help you on a server, especially when you are paying real money for it! All the positive feedback really helped highlight me as a viable choice. I was helping in what ways I could because I love the server and the community on the server. It’s a blessing to have the ability to do more to help.

    As for me, I plan to play the game as normal and only use my GM powers when needed. Well, except for teleporting! I get the feeling on days when I have to visit a lot of players I’ll opt to teleport and save some time.

    I will consult Erabor on the major issues. I ask that you screenshot what you can to support your position. I also ask that you submit issues to the forums. While I don’t mind helping in-game on the spot, posting to the forums provides a written record Erabor and I can use to try and keep track of recurring issues.

    I do enjoy playing with you all!



    Wow! You’ve picked the perfect candidate for the job Erabor!

    Many congratulations to you Aisling, the fairest lady in all of Albion!

    I am so sorry I can no longer be around to see you performing your duties with valour but know that as a friend I am so proud of you!

    Best wishes for the future, I know you’ll be amazing!




    great choice! congrats Aisling, and anything we can do to help just let us know! we support you all the way!

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