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    Please request assistance in preparing for an absence here. If your reason for needing an absence is personal, you may contact us in game or by using the “Contact Us” tab.

    This service is not to be abused. It requires the admins to spend significant time preparing your claim as well as a server restart!
    The sooner you put in your request, the more likely you are to receive the help you need in time.
    We will not provide animal sitting or maintenance. Prepare all aspects of your claim prior to leaving.
    Give yourself a little leeway! In real life, things rarely go according to plan. Flights get canceled, babies arrive late, operations take longer to recover from, etc. It is easier to deal with excess than it is to make last minute changes ahead of your deadline.
    Failure to return to your claim before the deadline could result in your claim beginning to shrink or fall. We will not extend a deadline without an additional request unless we have a strong reason to do so. (

    FAQ (Of what I assume will be questions you have. This list will change based on actual questions!)

    What Are Some of the Reasons I Could Request an Absence?
    Considering the time and effort involved and the inconvenience to other players, the admins will reserve the right to veto requests. Some reasons a player might request and absence include, but are not limited to:
    Birth of a baby
    Death of a loved one
    Illness/Medical issues
    Scheduled travel (business or personal)
    The in-laws are coming to visit and your spouse absolutely will not tolerate you escaping to Albion and embarrassing them in front of their family. If you even so much as glance at that computer screen there will be a hammer through the monitor!
    School. While we can’t just give you an entire quarter/semester off on a regular basis, we understand that studies can require more time at different points in the year. And once you log on to feed the monument beast, it’s really tough to log back off right away! C’mon, get your big project done and succeed in real life, too!

    What Do You Consider Abuse?
    In general, if you can play other games on Steam you can pop in to feed your monument real quick. Conversely, if you are in-game during most of your ‘absence” period without talking to the admins about why you do indeed have the time to play, we may feel you are trying to skimp on having to make the same sacrifices the rest of the players deal with.

    How Much Notice Do You Need?
    Generally, at least a week would be nice. However, if something comes up at the last minute, please do shoot us a message and we’ll see what we can do. Ideally we’ll be able to schedule our time to do all the requests in a given time period at the same time so as to reduce server restarts for the rest of the players.

    Do I Need to be Online?
    It would be better if you were online. Admins cannot actually access your monument to make sure it worked. If you cannot be online during the process we ask that you check it as soon as you can to make sure things went smoothly.

    What Exactly Does This Process Entail?
    I’m just an admin because I’m good with people, not code! But I can say it requires Erabor to change the amount of claim support points you can have (depending on your needs) and then restarting the server to make the changes take root.

    WAIT! You Mean You Can Up the Points Like That!? Why Not Do it for Everyone? We Get Sick of Finding Sacrifices!
    Let’s be realistic here. Many new players will reach a T1 monument, get bored and move on. A T1 monument takes a rather long time to fall off as it is! I wouldn’t want to deal with abandoned shacks and furnaces sitting there for months under claim.

    Will You Take Care of my Animals?
    No. Animals can be stored in warehouses, training fields, and inventory space. In extreme circumstances Admins may choose to spawn a storage for you to utilize. However, this is at the discretion of the admin and you are encouraged to prepare as best you can on your own before asking additional assistance.

    I’m a Well-Known, Old Member of the Server. If I Just Take Off, Will You Look Out For Me?
    Taking off without notice puts us in quite the spot! Players have done stranger things than just abandon a claim on a server without notice. Without any feedback, we will likely be forced to assume you simply got tired of us and moved on to other pastures. If you suspect something may be coming up but you can’t pin down a date, leave us a note here. We may opt to protect your claim for a short time if we know the possibility of a sudden absence existed ahead of time.

    Something happened, I didn’t have time to make a request, and now all my stuff is gone!
    Please contact the admins and shout out on Global. While we may not be able to restore everything exactly like it was, we’d be happy to help you get back on your feet and into the game. We have a great community on the server and many others would be happy to help as well.


    hobo golightly

    Claim title:The Kingdom of Great Britain
    Ingame user: Liam of Britannia
    Absence: 2 weeks on the second of April.
    Reason for absence: Going on holiday.



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