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    Lojeste keep your body properly so that the muscles and skin of the face and neck do not deform … >> Part . General gymnastics for the muscles of the face – exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face Mimic muscles, forming an expression, are grouped mainly around the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, on the forehead. From its tone, strength and elasticity, the general appearance of the face largely depends; Reduction and relaxation of facial muscles creates a cheerful, carefree, sad or gloomy facial expression. The exercise of these muscles achieves an increase in their elasticity, reactivity, tone and strength, which ultimately leads to a reduction in wrinkles, skin contours on the face … >> Part . Gymnastics for the face by age Skin, its functions and condition are very dependent on age. And, accordingly, to maintain the skin healthy, attractive at any age, skin care, gymnastics and funds must be selected from the calculation of age indicators. So, at a young age, the skin has high regenerative and adaptive abilities. During puberty, secretion of sebum increases, and at the age of Lojeste years, mature skin is seen in women, when wrinkles appear on the skin and it becomes more sluggish … >> Part . Defects of the face.

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