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Decay Feedback!

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    We have the option of having decay at a constant low rate or running decay in cycles on scheduled days. Each change to decay will require a server restart.

    Please leave feedback on the topic here!



    I’d prefer it to be running for a week, but only every couple of months (or longer). We don’t really need it to be on constantly, as many people run things off-claim for the benefit of the server as a whole, but clutter does need to be cleaned up now and then. It’ll give us a chance to get rid of all the random furnaces that are lurking across the land!



    love the decay – gets rid of all that junk noone is using. although how long does stuff burn for before its destroyed? seems like a long time 😀
    not sure whats best between constant decay or cycles , either way is cool with me. Decay seems like a good idea though 10/10



    Given some of the projects being taken on by members of the server, I feel cycles would be beneficial instead of a slow constant rate. Namely, many members are undertaking long, beautiful roads to start connecting north and south. If we know what days to be prepared, the server can rally with repair kits to keep lights along the road in good shape. There is also Lily’s school, which she has made off her claim so anybody on the server can benefit. She’s being supplied with repair kits for now.

    I know some new folks enjoy walking into an abandoned claim and finding stuff they can use, or buildings to get started with. On an older server these little finds are quite the boon to a new member! I like that the decay cuts it back after a time, as there is always more junk than the new folk can take over.

    On that note, I’m not sure the current decay rate is fast enough. It’s been going for a few days now and there are still so many things burning! If we do scheduled cycles I think the rate should be higher for a quick cleanup! It’s relatively easy to maintain stuff for a couple of days, but if it takes a week or more it’s harder as real life gets in the way of constant repairs.

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    It’s certainly quite the spectacle, standing on the mountain’s summit and watching great swathes of villages burning around you but…

    My own feelings on decay may not be shared by many others although I’ll put it out there as feedback was requested.

    I’m not a big fan of any long term decay on unclaimed buildings.

    We’ve got to know some great people throughout the course of this server’s operation and those that are no longer playing, have left behind some fine examples of villages. These “ruins” not only stood to add rich historical character to the server but also gave new players the chance to move into fantastic ready built homes. Several burning settlements have been reclaimed by these new players in the nick of time and are now being slowly restored but many have been burnt to the ground leaving odd shaped, terraformed scars on the map.

    I agree that we have a plight of furnaces, shacks and sleeping bags littering the lands but its nothing an admin can’t handle once in a while or a working party intent on raising their Demolition skill.

    A dev. issue here, is that the lowest decay settings, although small, are still too much for brand new players to keep up with, I’ve been testing this with part built structures and some of the smaller items will vanish in one day cycle.

    And finally, in the spirit of the community, players have linked settlements with unclaimed lamp-lit roads, built schools and trading houses and even within claims, have crafted items which are still unfortunately effected by the decay (stone steps for example). I don’t believe the answer to such long term structures is to continuously repair them but rather not allow them to decay in the first place.

    Best wishes


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