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Claims and Holidays

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    The recent decay cycles have brought some issues to light that Erabor and I would like to address.

    First, the server stands by the policy of “No claim, fair game.” While they may be a myriad of reasons why one cannot maintain their monument, it would put an unfair burden on new players to question whether every single spot they came across that had terraforming or buildings was a free space or one someone might be returning to. It also puts older players at a disadvantage when it comes to salvage, as an unprotected warehouse WILL be looted by somebody at some point. If, by some stroke of luck, they aren’t looted, they’ll burn away in a decay cycle.

    We do understand that real life happens. You shouldn’t have to worry that a real life event will cause your claim to collapse. Games are supposed to reduce stress in your life, not increase it!

    Therefore, Erabor has devised a way to help you maintain your monument while you are away! As we will need some notice to prepare your monument for your absence, we request you add to the post called “Requests for Absence” in the Alert the Admin section of the forums. We would like to know how long you intend to be gone and the reason you will be gone. (If the reason is personal, you can always talk to us in-game or use the “Contact Us” tab to send an email.)

    We plan to be pretty open and fair about this process. However, if we feel it is starting to get abused we will have to start listing out rules.

    Preparing your monument will require a server restart, so this is not a process to be done for shorter absences or to give yourself a break from carving crossbow bolts and smelting gold lumps! I would encourage players to be considerate of the effort it will take from the admins and the inconvenience it will cause other players.

    Leave of Absence

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