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    I’ve had quite a few questions pop up since I’ve started on the Albion server. Here are a few of the most frequently asked, but feel free to ask more in the comments!

    1. Why are you always AFK?
    I have 3 kids. When they have a break from school it’s hit or miss on my game time. I don’t always have time to log out! Or, I like to set up mass produce and work on something. I spin my own yarn for crochet projects, bake my own bread, can my own foods, etc. My husband and I want to retire to Alaska or Orgeon and homestead, so I am learning it all now. I figure that if I check back and scroll through Global chat I can get a feel if there are any problems developing. If you can’t reach me in-game post in Alert the Admin. If it is super urgent, use the “Contact Us” tab!

    2. So if Erabor is King, and you are GM as well, are you Queen?
    It’s rather unusual to have a King not married to his Queen! Erabor has pronounced me “Marshall Aisling.” I’m actually married to Paden, though he can’t always log on as often as we’d like. 🙁

    3. Why do you land on my head? >:(
    When I teleport to you it drops me on your head. Trust me, it can be annoying for me as well. Nothing like falling down gracelessly to make a good first impression! It helps if you have a good sense of humor about it. There are players I like to use as “jump points” because I know all I’ll have to put up with is some pleasant laughter in Discord. (Looking at you, Kristan!)

    4. So why do you ask me to be out in the open when you teleport?
    Some buildings are a bit glitchy. If I teleport to you when you are inside them it’ll kill me! Then I have to figure out how to get up on the roof/top of gatehouse to collect my stuff. And when you’re a GM with unlimited inventory, it can be a real pain to collect all that stuff! Players who deliberately try to get me killed will face disciplinary action. It happens sometimes. But I’ll know if I give you a warning I’m coming and drop down on a gatehouse!

    5. I’ve noticed you spending most your time with certain players. You’re playing favorites!
    Yes, yes I am. As an admin it is OK for me to have friends. There are some minor perks to being friends with a GM. However, I do my best not to give any player an unfair advantage. I also have a “beautification of Albion” agenda that justifies some projects. Players who are working on a project to benefit the entire server are more likely to get some help than those working on a personal project. If you have a grand plan, simply let me know and I’ll see what can be done.

    6. Can you just spawn this item in for me?
    I am against the random spawning of items. There have been some fancy items I spawned in and destroyed, just to check for information on them that wasn’t on the Wiki. If you are trading with me, chances are the items came from my farm. I built that lovely farm before Erabor promoted me, and I still love to run it as normal. I also do a LOT of trading at my farm. I’ll take items I don’t need simply because I know they’ll be used in later trades. I’m happy being a farm/trade post!
    The exceptions are:
    You fell through the world. I’d encourage you to ask around and see if other players could help you recoup your losses. Before I was admin I fell through and within 2 hours I was better off than when I started! All thanks to the wonderful players of Albion. But I know it can be so frustrating and that not all items will be easily replaced.
    Griefing: If someone kills you, steals your stuff, and logs before you can get it back. Griefers can’t cause much grief if we quickly set it right again!
    Server-wide shortage: I like to RP that a sudden shortage in straw is due to famine. But given the right circumstances I can help out.
    Preview: If you just want to look at it. It can be hard for some players to visualize some things. Example: the towers at Volantis. I spawned in a few because it was proving incredibly difficult to map the walls without seeing what you were doing. However, it’s just a preview! The spawned towers will come down and need to be built the hard way.
    Beautification/Public Relations: Things like the park at Alfwar’s crossroads, the Residential District at Albion, and maybe cute little touches. These things don’t really unbalance the game. When/if they finally make it so your character can sit down on furniture it’ll add many nice touches! Things like decorations don’t do much to unbalance a game but can make players quite happy. If I spawn you a barrel or a pretty bench it’s just a little gift that I felt you deserved.

    7. So what kinds of things will you help me with?
    Honestly, it never hurts to ask. There will be times you are told no. There will be times I do someone a favor that I declined to do for someone else. Many factors weigh into these decisions. Among them, how long have I known the person, what have they asked for in the past, am I busy, were they nice, etc. I do highly encourage players to try and solve their own problems.

    8. You’re a real girl?
    Believe it or not, women have always had a decent presence in the game world. When I first started playing online games I would hide for as long as I could. I’ve dealt with online stalking, being treated different, etc. Our server has quite a few female players who are comfortable just being themselves, and that is great. The community has never made us feel unwelcome. So yes, there are real women who play. Treat us with the same respect/disrespect you would any other player! We can sort it out from there. Basically, if a lady player tells you to back off or dial it back, do so. Oh, and don’t be totally shocked if that studly male avatar has a lady voice, or that lovely lady has a baritone. It IS the online world, after all! As Squig is so fond of saying, assume everyone is a bald, 40 year old man living in Mom’s basement. lol

    9. Can you change xyz of the game for me?
    It never hurts to ask for a mod or change, but realistically you can’t expect them all to happen. The whole premise of LiF is hard work and reward. If we made it all instant you wouldn’t have any fun at all, believe me. You see it all the time with the dreaded “Admin Apathy” on other servers. Once you can spawn it all in and do so much crafting instantly, it’s just another building game you get bored with.

    10. I never got a response to my request…
    I will always try to respond. If I get busy and miss it or forget it, please let me know you’re still waiting!

    11. Why won’t you accept my friend request on Steam?
    Because I don’t know you. Long story short, I prefer to at least chat in Discord with someone before allowing them on my Steam. I’m not looking to win a popularity contest, I’m looking to play games. All I want on my Steam are people who I enjoy playing games with. No offense, but I probably won’t want to just chat about my day, or be pestered with a million requests to play a game I’m not interested in. If you want to be Steam friends, please feel free to come chat in Discord.

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